Modern Spirit Podcast

Art by Markus Drassl
Art by Markus Drassl

Episode 6: Emotional Biology 101: David Rabin MD, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer, Co-Inventor & Co-Founder of Apollo Neuroscience joins us for a fascinating interview. Dr. Rabin is a psychiatrist and translational neuroscientist. He is also a member of the Modern Spirit Research Advisory Board. This is our first episode of the Emotional Biology 101 miniseries, exploring the intersection between biology, emotion, and spirituality. Join us for an interesting discussion covering modern mental health, emotional healing, psychedelic and vibrational medicine and much more. Subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 5: Fascinating interview with Registered Nurse and Reiki Healer Amy M. who tells us the inspiring story of her husband's healing from brain cancer. Inexplicably he was able to avoid brain surgery after reiki healing, and continues well today. Subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 4: Interview with Tom, who after suffering for years with neck and back pain, traveled to Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual, a traditional healing center in the Peruvian Amazon, for a 40-day treatment program. After treatment with Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine which included treatment with Shipibo (an indigenous culture of the Peruvian Upper Amazon) ayahuasca ceremony, Tom experienced a marked improvement in his health, including an unexpected and spontaneous resolution of his chronic asthma. Spiritual treatment helped him to work through his emotional wounds, leading eventually to much needed improvements in his mental and physical health.

Note: As the issues he worked through were very personal, this interview was transcribed to protect his identity, and his name was changed to Tom. No recording is available, but you can read the transcript here.

Episode 3: Presenting at the Yale Psychedelic Science Group, including theories related to the book "Fellowship of The River," and underlying ideas behind the the Modern Spirit Epigenetics Research Project, with questions and answers from the group. Special thanks to Yale Faculty Dr. Ben Kelmendi and Dr. Jordan Sloshower. Subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 2: Interview with Loretta B., cancer survivor and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, discussing how mystical experiences and spiritual practice played key roles in her full recovery to health. Subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 1:  Interview with filmmaker Luis Robledo and artist Alexandra Alexandra abut the upcoming documentary film project "Neoshamans." Subscribe on iTunes.