Modern Spirit Mission

Modern Spirit has been founded to draw attention to the need to manage and support our spiritual health in order to fully enjoy our overall health. Recognizing the many benefits of the Western approach to medicine in the world today, Modern Spirit works to increase awareness of the spiritual dimension of disease and health, whether it be of the body or the mind, in the hopes of improving healthcare outcomes. By sharing ancient, practical medical knowledge from the world’s healing traditions, we hope to help those who have not been able to find lasting relief within the predominant medical paradigm.

Modern Spirit will facilitate a dialogue and the building of a community among integrative and allopathic healthcare providers, traditional healers, patients, researchers, and others interested in developing and exploring ways to further demonstrate the value of spiritual healing in modern healthcare. Modern Spirit will support researchers engaged in work that encourages and facilitates collaborative efforts between Western medical practitioners, integrative healthcare providers and traditional healers in an effort to bring together the best of both worlds.

Modern Spirit will seek out and promote physical, mental and spiritual practices that the organization believes positively benefit all aspects of our health, and will work to share this knowledge with everyone seeking to live a more healthful life.