Shipibo Pattern Modern Spirit Education

Drawing from scientific research, clinical experience, and spiritual practice, Modern Spirit works to provide integrative educational programs to the community and healthcare providers. We are currently developing educational content, which now includes our podcast and lectures, and in the future will include live events and webinars. We hope to one day design curriculum for Continuing Education programs for doctors, nurses, psychologists and other healthcare professionals.

We are now excited to announce our Emotional Biology 101 Podcast Series. As we illuminate the intersection between biology, emotion and spirituality, we further our exploration into the exciting field of emotional biology. Emotional biology describes the mechanisms around processes like trauma healing, and will help us to understand where science and mystery meet in spiritual healing. Our podcast series will be include interviews with thought leaders in academic research, psychedelic medicine, therapy, traditional healing, and spiritual practice.

Our educational work will be overseen by our outstanding team of Educational Advisors. Learn more about our Educational Advisory Board.