Drawing from scientific research, clinical experience, and spiritual practice, Modern Spirit works to provide integrative educational programs to the community and healthcare providers. We are currently developing educational content, which now includes our podcast and blog, and in the future will include live events and webinars. We hope to one day design curriculum for Continuing Education programs for doctors, nurses, psychologists and other healthcare professionals.

Modern Spirit also plans to demonstrate the value of spiritual healing in modern healthcare through research. Part of our budget will be dedicated to research grants. We plan to support research that investigates frontiers in healing and medicine. As a smaller nonprofit organization, our grants do not support overhead costs. We are now working toward the Modern Spirit Epigenetics Project, described below.

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Modern Spirit Epigenetics Project

Epigenetics is the study of how biological changes can be caused by changing the way genes are expressed without changing the genetic code itself. Epigenetic changes involve alterations in biological "software," reprogramming of the biochemical machinery that surrounds the DNA, without altering its "hardware" blueprint. Alterations in epigenetics are now known to contribute to a number of mental health problems, including anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD); and are also involved in response to treatment.

Epigenetics respond to many influences including nutrition and a wide range of pharmaceutical agents, and, interestingly enough, are also sensitive to emotional states, interpersonal relationships, psychotherapy and altered states of consciousness. Investigating epigenetic changes associated with the successful treatment of mental health problems will help us to understand the biological effects of deep emotional healing.

Modern Spirit is involved is working to collaborate with researchers on the Modern Spirit Epigenetics project. This research will give us insight into the biological effects of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and deep emotional healing.

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